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Company News

  • Ball Bearings - Frequently Asked Questions

    There are some essential questions which are frequently asked about the ball bearings. Here, is a compilation of some of them thus;What is a bearing?A bearing is a mobile mechanical component that supports rotary motion between a stationary part and a rotating dynamic part.

  • Spring Festival Holiday Announcement

    Dear customers: Thank you for concern and care for such a long time. According to the production arrangement, our company has made a holiday plan for the coming Spring Festival.

  • Discovering the Various Types of Bearings

    Single and double row ball bearingsThey are ball bearings of the standard series 6000, 6200, 6300, 6400 as well as special dimensions with non-separable parts. Ball bearings allow the highest permissible speed limits as all other rolling bearing types. Due to the inner geometry of the balls

  • On the Development the Bearing’s Retainers

    The ball bearing retainer or ball separator is the component in a ball bearing that separates the balls, maintains the balls symmetrical radial spacing, and in most cases, holds the bearings together. Ball bearing retainers can also be used in providing lubrication by acting as a reservoir for storing oils, or by supplying a solid film via the cage material itself or a coating on the cage. The designer’s selection of the appropriate cage design for the application is essential in achieving the desired life and performance of the bearing.

  • Cylindrical Bearings: Another Piece of Motion Puzzle

    With the advent of latest manufacturing industry applications and use of latest machines, bearings are used in almost every electric machine. They are adaptable, flexible, durable, and the best for smooth movements. They can be used in basic vehicles as well as heavy machinery. When it comes to the manufacturing industry, it is heavily dependent upon the bearings.

  • What are the ways to lubricate rolling bearings?

    1. Lubrication has important influence on fatigue life and friction, wear, temperature rise and vibration of rolling bearing. Without normal lubrication, the bearing cannot work. The analysis of bearing damage indicates that 40% of bearing damage is related to lubrication. Therefore, good lubricatio

  • The cause of corrosion and rust of SKF bearing and its solution

    The main causes of SKF bearing corrosion are:1. Metal surface finish (oxygen concentration differential battery corrosion).2. Chemical composition and structure of metal materials themselves.3. Solution composition and pH value of contact with metal surface;4. Ambient temperature and humidity.5. Var

  • SKF import bearing grease lubrication knowledge

    1. Rust resistanceUsed in bearing grease have rust, antirust performance is mainly is to look at the fat soluble, grease by different viscosity and different materials, with different levels of capacity and antirust performance, generally speaking, poor consistency is big and fat soluble oil water p

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