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Industry News

  • Getting Your Bearings and How They Work

    A bearing is a mechanical device that is known by different names depending on the region in which we are. This device is mainly used to reduce the friction between some axis and the transmission elements that connect to it. Either in an industrial machine, a car, a toy, etc.

  • The Common Types of Bearings

    The mechanical bearing is utilized between 2 parts that enable linear or rotational movement. Moreover, it enhances performance and saves energy. There are diverse types of bearings readily available in the market. Each type is utilized for a particular purpose.

  • How Ball and Roller Bearings Work?

    We also have the Spherical roller bearings for axial loads. The structure of the spherical roller bearings for axial loads is similar to that of the spherical roller bearings for radial loads, but they use only one row of rolling elements. Due to the spherical shape of the raceways, they can withstand large axial loads and correct misalignments.

  • What is a needle roller bearing?

    The needle roller bearings are very compact rolling elements designed to withstand high radial loads. They are designed in such a way that their rolling elements are fine rollers (needles), instead of being balls. Hence, it is able to support high load capacities on all its surface. When it is a ball (conventional bearing), the point of contact is one in each track (inside and outside), while in the hands it is in all its length.

  • Ball Bearing Failures and Ways to Prevent Wearing

    An accurate diagnosis of ball bearing failures is imperative to prevent the recurrence of faults and additional costs. The bearings are high precision elements of the machines, which are found in a wide variety of applications. They are generally very reliable, even in the most adverse conditions.

  • Guide to fixing or replacing garage rollers

    Has your garage roller stopped working or you are experiencing a malfunctioning garage door which is affecting your daily routine? This will call for a quick solution and this is why you need to know the appropriate step to follow when replacing the garage rollers. Fortunately, fixing of a roller is

  • Solid Brass Stair Rail Rackets – Designs for the Home or Business

    You simply need a handrail when you are viewing amazing landscapes on higher levels through balcony outdoors or indoor window or when you’re climbing up the stairs. While doing any of these, the handrail systems comprising of the rail rackets are quite important as they provide the needed comfort.

  • A Bed Guard Rail Guide – Four Guidelines You Should Discover

    You are in the right place if you actually need help with choosing the right bed rail. When you have a good knowledge of what you are looking for then finding the perfect bed rail can be an enjoyable process and free of stress.

  • Precision Applications Do Well Using Linear Bearings And Delicate Designs

    Linear slide positioning systems are designed so as to enable several assemblies, manufacturing as well as testing requirements. These slides are the perfect choice when it comes to high-precision motion control especially in micropoositioning and nanopositioning applications.

  • Bearings in Our Everyday Lives

    Have you ever thought about how cars as well as other motor vehicles run smoothly and without making noise? As a child, I have always been in awe of how these powerful machines works appropriately.

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