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SKF import bearing grease lubrication knowledge

Views:27     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-04-18      Origin:Site

1. Rust resistance

Used in bearing grease have rust, antirust performance is mainly is to look at the fat soluble, grease by different viscosity and different materials, with different levels of capacity and antirust performance, generally speaking, poor consistency is big and fat soluble oil water proofing property is better, this oil even in palin cavity is filled with water, can also be formed in the steel surface layer can withstand oil film. Bike because of the low speed, the choice of grease can use viscosity is relatively a little high, but the water proofing property is extremely strong, because the bike in washing the car, rainy days, cross-country, are often dealing with water, this makes the water proofing property is very important, even slightly sticky oil, also won't affect under low rotate smoothly, and a surface formed the oxidative damage, but that the whole stripping process and the ageing process will be fast.

2. Mechanical stability

Grease leakage in high speed rotation will become soft, cause, when vibration, oil will be thrown from the roll on extrusion, and the oil soap structure will produce mechanical disintegration make grease was damaged, or even thrown bearings.

3. The oil seal

Contain oil seal is fat not polluted by outside the portal, and bearing industry, many only use the ball bearing cage, some are using metal seal system, some with automatic refueling system, and presents the fully open position, and bicycle usually can't use this bearing, otherwise only in oil depletion or later after the first cycle, which brought an end to life, although the bearing oil seal and metal also can avoid contamination in a long time, and can play a role oil, but can't open it in again after filling or thoroughly clean, so also not suitable for bicycles, bicycle use bearing must choose to purchase with a rubber seal, the encapsulation of pollution prevention performance is good, oil retention time is long, and can be used in a long cycle, plastic seal pick, then change of the internal thoroughly clean and grease.

4. Mixed grease

Never mix incompatible grease, if two incompatible oil mixing, usually consistency will soften, finally because the grease is easy to loss and damage, if you don't know your bearing the original type of grease, is like to clear out all the original oil first, and then add a grease lubrication.

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