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What are the ways to lubricate rolling bearings?

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1. Lubrication has important influence on fatigue life and friction, wear, temperature rise and vibration of rolling bearing. Without normal lubrication, the bearing cannot work. The analysis of bearing damage indicates that 40% of bearing damage is related to lubrication. Therefore, good lubrication of bearing is an effective measure to reduce friction and wear. The lubricants of bearings are mainly grease, lubricating oil and solid lubricant. The most commonly used is grease and lubricating oil.

The rolling bearing USES grease as the lubricating medium, the advantage of which is that the grease has little fluidity, it is not easy to leak, and the formation of oil film strength is good, which is more conducive to the seal use of the rolling bearing. At the same time, the lubrication of the rolling bearing can prolong the lubrication time and make the bearing maintenance easier.

The rolling bearing is lubricated with grease, and the friction torque is larger than that of lubricating grease, which is less applicable to the rolling bearing which needs high-speed operation. In addition, the cooling performance of grease lubrication is poor. If the lubricating grease is added too much in the rolling bearing, the rolling bearing will be overheated due to the agitation lubricant. When grease is lubricated, the grease is filled directly into the bearing.

2. The rolling bearing USES oil lubrication as the lubricating medium because oil lubrication has less friction resistance than grease lubrication and has good heat dissipation effect, which is mainly used for bearing with high speed and high working temperature.

The rolling bearing is lubricated by oil lubrication, which can achieve good cooling and cooling effect, especially for rolling bearings with high working temperature. Rolling bearings used lubricating oil viscosity between about 0.12 to 0.2 cm/s, if the load is high, the working temperature of rolling bearing high, choose the lubricating oil with high viscosity and fast speed of rolling bearing is suitable for low viscosity lubricating oil. The disadvantage of oil lubrication for rolling bearings is that the oil lubrication requires the bearing to be kept in a good sealing state to avoid the leakage of lubricating oil. In addition, oil lubrication needs to be equipped with a complicated oil supply device, which is not as convenient as lubricating grease in operation and use, and increases the maintenance work of rolling bearing.

Oil lubrication can also be lubricated by using oil, oil or spray. The specific lubrication methods include:

A. Oil bath lubrication

Oil bath lubrication is the most common lubrication method, suitable for low, medium speed, bearing lubrication, the bearing part is immersed in a tank, the bearing parts of lubricating oil by rotating, and then flow back to the oil level of oil tank should be slightly lower than the lowest at the center of the roller.

B. spray lubrication

The air flow can effectively cool the bearings and prevent impurities from entering the bearing by mixing the dry compressed air with the oil spray and the lubricating oil. This method is suitable for the lubrication of high speed and high temperature bearing parts.

C. Circulating oil lubrication.

The filtered oil is transported to the bearing parts by the oil pump, and the oil is filtered and cooled after the bearing. This method is suitable for bearing parts with high rotating speed because the circulating oil can remove certain heat and cool the bearing.

D. drip lubrication

Drip lubrication is suitable for lubricating oil bearing parts. The oil drop is usually every 3-8 seconds. Excessive amount of oil will increase the bearing temperature.

E. jet lubrication

With the oil pump, the high pressure oil is injected into the bearing by the nozzle, and the oil in the bearing is injected into the oil groove at the other end of the bearing. When bearing at high speed, rolling element and cage with high rotate speed makes the surrounding air, the air in general it is difficult to be sent to the bearing lubricating oil lubrication method, then must use the method of high-pressure jet spray the lubricating oil to the bearings, the position of the nozzle should be placed between inner ring and retainer center.

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