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Important Things When It Comes to Taper Roller Bearings

Views:235     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-08      Origin:Site

No one would love to buy a sub-standard good, not even a toilet tissue. The same thing goes with taper roller bearings, you would want to buy the best serving tapper bearings, and this article would put you through certain things to consider and the right choices to make when purchasing tapper bearings.

1. The size, direction, and nature (bearing load)

The load capacity of the bearing is expressed regarding the necessary load rating, and the values are shown in the bearing size table.

The bearing load is varied, such as the magnitude of the load, whether there is only radial load, whether the axial load is one-way or two-way, the degree of vibration or shock, and so on. After considering these factors, choose the most suitable roller bearing type.

2. The bearing installation space

One that can be accommodated in the bearing installation space. Since the design of the shaft system pays attention to the rigidity and strength of the shaft, the shaft diameter is generally determined first, that is, the inner diameter of the bearing. However, rolling bearings are available in a variety of sizes and types, and the most suitable bearing type should be selected. The following bearings: deep groove ball bearings, contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings are recommended for general use.


3. Rotational accuracy

Bearing type with the required rotation accuracy [The dimensional accuracy and rotation accuracy of the bearing have been standardized by GB according to the bearing type.

Machine tool spindles, gas turbines, and control machines require high rotational accuracy, high speed and low friction, respectively. In this case, bearings with a precision of 5 or more should be used.

4. Installation and disassembly

Regular inspection, etc. The frequency of assembly and disassembly and the method of manufacture and disassembly are frequent. It is convenient to use cylindrical roller bearings with separate inner and outer rings, needle roller bearings and tapered roller bearings.

5. The speed

You should consider the mechanical speed of the bearing type [the limit value of the bearing speed is expressed by the limit speed, the value is shown in the bearing size table] The limit speed of the bearing is not only determined by the bearing type but also the bearing size, cage type, accuracy grade, load conditions, and lubrication methods, etc., therefore, these factors must be considered when selecting.

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