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A bearing is a mechanical device that is known by different names depending on the region in which we are. This device is mainly used to reduce the friction between some axis and the transmission elements that connect to it. Either in an industrial machine, a car, a toy, etc.



[Company News] Features and Structures about Roller Bearings

A roller bearing is a type of part that used for moving mechanism of different types of machines that may be used in an assembly line or a factory. It has even be used in aerospace, power-plants and things like heavy equipment.



[Company News] The Various Types of Bearings and Their Importance in Machinery Function

To improve the mechanical performance of machines, we make use of different instruments that help improve the internal mobility. One of these are the bearings, which lengthen the life of the moving parts, giving greater durability and control of the temperature at the friction points.



[Company News] Bearings - Increasing Productivity in the Agricultural Sector

No doubt, bearing application has significantly increased productivity in the agricultural sector. Most mechanized equipment such as heavy machinery as well as other tools employed in the various farms is driven by wheels. These wheels are, in turn, made to rotate more efficiently by the bearings. Hence, bearing application in the agricultural sector ensures that there are no hurdles in the constant supply of food as well as other agricultural produce.



[Industry News] The Common Types of Bearings

The mechanical bearing is utilized between 2 parts that enable linear or rotational movement. Moreover, it enhances performance and saves energy. There are diverse types of bearings readily available in the market. Each type is utilized for a particular purpose.

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