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The Various Types of Bearings and Their Importance in Machinery Function

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To improve the mechanical performance of machines, we make use of different instruments that help improve the internal mobility. One of these are the bearings, which lengthen the life of the moving parts, giving greater durability and control of the temperature at the friction points.

roller bearings

There are several types of bearings and day after day the needs of the market seek to advance the quality of the bearings; This is how today's industries bring to market a wide variety of alternatives in terms of bearings.

Let’s look at the various types of bearings and their applications in the industries.

Deep groove ball bearings

Robust, versatile and silent. They can operate at high speeds and are easy to assemble. Single row bearings are also available in sealed versions; they are lubricated and do not need maintenance. Single row bearings with filling neck and those with two rows are suitable for heavy loads.

Self-aligning ball bearings  

Insensitive to angular misalignment. Also available in sealed and lubricated versions for maintenance-free operation. Bearings mounted on mounting sleeves and housed in SKF foot supports provide economical arrangements.

Narrow section bearings are compact, rigid and space-saving. They can support combined loads. A variety of ISO and fixed section designs offer great flexibility to design low weight and low friction arrangements. Also available in sealed versions for easy maintenance.  


Cylindrical roller bearings

The cylindrical roller bearings can withstand heavy radial loads at high speeds. The single row bearings have an optimized internal geometry that increases their radial and axial load capacity, reduces their sensitivity to misalignment and facilitates their lubrication. The fully filled roller bearings incorporate the maximum number of rollers and do not have a cage. They are designed for very heavy loads and moderate speeds.


Spherical roller

The spherical plain bearings are robust self-aligning bearings that are insensitive to angular misalignment. They offer high reliability and long life even in difficult operating conditions. Mounted on fixing or dismounting sleeves and housed in SKF foot supports, they provide economical bearing arrangements. Also available with seals for maintenance-free operation.

Needle roller bearings

The low cross section makes them suitable for limited radial spaces. They can withstand heavy radial loads. The wide variety of designs, including combined bearings for radial and axial loads, allows for simple, compact and economical bearing arrangements.

Angular contact ball bearings

Designed for combined loads, they provide rigid bearing arrangements. The double row bearings, also available with seals, simplify the arrangements as they can support and fix an axis in both directions. Ball bearings with four contact points save space when axial loads act in both directions.

Axial cylindrical roller bearings

Can withstand heavy axial loads of single effect. Rigid and also insensitive to impact loads. Very compact arrangements can be obtained if the adjacent components can serve as raceways.

Axial ball bearings

Designed for purely axial loads. Simple and double-acting designs are available, as well as with spherical counter plates to compensate for misalignments. These bearings are removable, to facilitate assembly.


Linear ball bearings 

The linear bearings consist of a polymer cage with steel raceway segments to guide and recirculate the ball sets within the complete cage. The range is available with or without seals, in standard and open types as well as in corrosion resistant versions.


Tapered roller bearings

Designed for heavy combined loads. The excellent load capacity / cross section ratios provide economical bearing arrangements. TQ-Line bearings are less sensitive to misalignment and offer long life, high reliability and low operating temperatures. The CL7C design has high turning accuracy and low frictional torque.

Axial spherical roller

They can withstand heavy axial loads. They can also support radial loads of up to 55% of the axial load acting simultaneously. They offer high reliability and long life, even in difficult operating conditions. The removable design facilitates assembly.

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